What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website. This file allows you to retain your settings and preferences when you visit our site again to give you a better online experience. You have the ability to allow cookies or not. If you do not want them to be launched, we recommend that you make the appropriate settings in your browser. We mention that these cookies can not be used to run programs or to transmit computer viruses to your device. Cookies can only be read by a site server (www.hpdi.ro) that has saved cookies on your device.

What happens if you accept cookies?

If you choose to use cookies when you visit our site, you will benefit from a better viewing experience. For example, we use cookies to:

we conduct a brief analysis of the visitors, in order to improve the online experience. Using the Google Analytics software, we collect anonymous data about visits to our site, such as viewed pages

for subscribing to the newsletter. When you sign up, we create a cookie that tells us if you are registered or not

to keep your preferences and to offer you content and advertising. These cookies retain the preferences of each user on the site, so they no longer need to be set at each site visit

How do I allow or block cookies?

Most browsers are default set to accept cookies. However, you can change the settings to block these small files. If you change your mind, it's just as easy to accept cookies again.

If you want to manage these cookies, I've given you a list of instructions that you can browse after opening the browser.

Mobile phone

For iOS:

from the Home screen, select Settings -> Safari -> Accept Cookies and choose your preferred settings

For Android

choose the browser -> Menu -> More -> Settings -> check or uncheck Accept cookie-uridin home screen, select Settings -> Safari -> Accept Cookies and choose your favorite settings

For Windows Phone:

home screen -> click the right arrow of the phone -> Settings -> Internet Explorer -> check or uncheck Accept cookies

Laptop/ Computer

For Google Chrome:

select Google Chrome -> Options -> Advanced Settings -> Content Settings in the Privacy section

For Mozilla Firefox:

Tools -> Options -> Privacy

For Safari:

Preferences -> Privacy panel

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9 (Windows 7 operating system):

Settings -> Internet Options -> Confidentiality