About us

We like to say that we “GROW PEOPLE”. We consider ourselves gardeners, that from their own experience and knowledge, help others transform their talent into performance and go from group to team.


Through training, coaching and team building programs, consultancy and strategy. With the help of each of us, we have managed to build over 30 training themes that we have improved year by year. We have put into it our experiences, knowledge, innovations in various fields. And we've replaced clichés with authenticity. In our team buildings, every year, thousands of people discover or rediscover the team's secrets in themselves.

Since when we GROW PEOPLE?

Since 2001, we have been concerned with human resources development of human resources. We have together with us Jim Bagnola, one of the world's best-known international speakers, NASA trainer, secret service, US Air Force or NATO. With whom have we grown people? Along with over 150 of the most important companies in Romania.

Our mision

In an organization, the most important are its PEOPLE. We all have imperfections, passions, frustrations, desires. We hope, we fear, we have moments of happiness and capping. We are struggling with failures and looking for success. When we talk about an organization's performances, we're talking about the successes of the people who make it. Thus, in order to improve concepts such as profit, efficiency, performance, we need to GROW PEOPLE.

Our vision

How can we GROW PEOPLE? We show them that they can be creative, determined, involved, ambitious, that it is good to care, that it is important to have courage and to be themselves. All these elements are crucial in developing a team.
PEOPLE GROW when they see that the leader is more than a fashionable cliché, that it is important to care for each other, that integrity and communication are as important as technical notions, that together they can do more than separate. And we know that people are different, with different motivations, expectations, goals and mentalities. They turn into a team when empathy and trust demonstrate that they can overcome ordinary barrels. So we GROW PEOPLE because we know that each needs different things, and that awareness is the basis of all evolution. No clichés, no big talk, no fashionable myths.

HPDI values

Val 1


For 16 years we provide leadership solutions and human resources development through training, coaching and team building. We know that we are on the right track because we work long-term with over 80% of our customers.

Val 2


We aren't on one's high horse, we're genuine, real, nonconformist, we are all the people we have met and know. We say things without mincing matters and we remember what our friend Jim Bagnola says: the most beautiful is when you're as profession, HUMAN.

Val 3


In ones life and at job we can chose to keep to the beaten track and to know where it leads or we can let the imagination fly, for that is how the big ideas are born. And that is exactly what we do. Every time we feel that innovation is around the corner, we take our programs and adjust them, transform them or change them completely. Always this way, we grow ideas because only thus we can GROW PEOPLE.