Proba olimpica pentru echipa GSK

Marti, la Predeal, s-a desfasurat proba olimpica pentru echipa GSK. Partia a fost neincapatoare pentru antrenamentele si probele de forta date de catre participantii la team building. Dupa lungi antrenamente prin zapada, eforturi sustinute si munca in echipa, am numit castigatorul jocurilor olimpice de iarna. Departajarea a fost data de inaltimea iglului construit cu truda propriilor […]



Team BAT was playing as a child

Even Nica would have been envious of the joy surrounding Team BAT. Saturday at Râsnov was triggered the largest remind operation of the beautiful game from childhood, when those from BAT were part of the most innocent and cheerful team building – Childhood Games. “Nine rocks”, “Country, country, we want soldier” and The blind lady […]



Out of Baile Felix on Raiffeisen Bank Roller Coaster

4 teams, 4 roller coasters prepared and lauched on Baile Felix. Raiffeisen Bank team from Arad was part of one of the most creative team buildings – Out of the box. Preparing and assembling the roller coaster was the technical and serious part of our game. The funny part came together with the promo spot of […]



Team Management recipe applied for Hamilton

The team is the most important resource that you have in your hands. Don’t neglect it, don’t treat it as an inert body, don’t ever stop in develop it. Stay attentive to her needs, to its members, conflicts and how you can be the most important resource that the team has. If your team will […]