Team building

The alchemy by which we turn groups into teams. Often, people forget how many things they learned while playing. But we know that playing is the best way to learn. And that is why we are constantly seeking to bring new things. And, with each group, we learn and use the accumulated experience to create new and new concepts. That is why we have chosen to facilitate team building programs.

Our team consists of over 30 facilitators with a minimum of three years’ experience in team building programs. Communication specialists, psychologists, fitness trainers, nutritionists, actors, dancers, we are all glad to offer a memorable experience to our participants.

Our clients' oppinions :

The best team building so far, the best team so far. I caught the idea with the bikes ... I got where I needed, I did not expect it. Congratulate!

- Giurca, Frigoglass

I have discovered that there are no limits to what I can do, create or get.

- Ion Dimitriev, Lukoil

It was a team building with very exciting, electrifying and beneficial activities for any team.

- Marius Floresteanu, CEZ

Unforgettable! Unique moments! He took out the worst, but also the best of me. Congratulations!

- Andreea Lica, BDO

This experience was full of surprises. I learned what the team spirit and communication between the team members mean, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses.

- Alexandru Iancu, Arctic

Team building with HPDI has been a great experience. For me it meant the discovery of talented people, people who know how to organize and know what they wanted, meant the discovery of a team of dedicated trainers who not only observe, but also connect people.

- Cristina Weiss, Bancpost

Team building portfolio

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