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324 metres in height, 10,000 tons - the famous monument of the French capital was the tallest man-made structure in the world at the time of its construction. But few people know that it was built with Romanian steel.

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And perhaps even fewer people can grasp the amount of effort required to build such an iconic monument. Starting off with the project, continuing with planning the materials, managing work force and then overcoming obstacles, these are all challenges that have to be solved. Now it’s your team’s turn to recreate the Eiffel tower!


Participants will be divided in 3 teams; each team will be responsible with building a certain section of the tower. Participants will have to recreate
the Eiffel tower using only the materials provided by us. But this is not the only challenge. Each team will face several restrictions during the construction process: they will have to work using only one hand, they will have less supplies, they will have to find out secrets from their partners in order to gain more time, they will not be allowed to speak, and many others. And let’s not forget that, in the end, all plans must match so that the
tower construction can be successfully completed. Participants will have the opportunity to use their skills in terms of leadership, delegation, and motivation, but also communication and the ability to adapt to unusual circumstances.


Program benefits:


The participants will discover the team work secrets.


Monitoring and developing communication skills.


Development of mutual knowledge among participants.


Developing a better sense of belonging to a team.

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Number of People: 10-50


Romanian / English

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