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Which are your favourite childhood fairy tales? In the Romanian tales, superheroes save the emperor’s daughter, conquer virtual realms, and wield enchanted tablets.

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Each team will play one of the Romanian fairy tales heroes: Prince Charming, Praslea the Brave, the White Moor (Harap Alb), Greuceanu, and even the Great Ogre (Zmeul Zmeilor). Our fairy tale superheroes will face many tasks in order to win the title of “Most popular superhero”. Their destiny is not written in the stars, but instead in an on-line application.


E-hunters is a hi-tech programme, in which the participants embark on an initiatory journey into the past, full of surprises, during which they will
rediscover their childhood heroes. The tablets used will have an app enabling them to join the contest. After logging in, the heroes of the Romanian fairy tales will receive 70-100 missions. Each mission will have a different level of complexity. The goal of the team will be to complete as many missions as possible in order to obtain the highest possible score. Depending on available resources, the teams will be able to choose the missions that they will complete. How will our heroes prove that they accomplished their chosen mission? The proof will be a photo that they will load in the

Program benefits:


The sense of belonging to a team.


Participants will discover team work secrets.


Leadership skills development.


Strategic skills development.

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Outdoor & Indoor


Number of People: 20-400


Romanian / English

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