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A day will come when we will write on mail envelopes the planet, solar system and galaxy. Mankind will not stay on Earth for ever and eventually it will conquer the space in our solar system and beyond.

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Your team will be assigned with the most difficult mission: to create a new sustainable solar system. They will be provided with huge polystyrene
balls and detailed instructions about the life conditions that each planet must meet. The acclimatization of the earthlings will be a real challenge.


Participants will be split into teams and will have to build each planet in such a way so as to meet the specific life conditions. They will not have all
the necessary resources, but the other teams will certainly have what they are missing. Therefore, we will test the astronauts’ abilities to negotiate. Every 15 minutes, a member of the team is assigned a mission on the other planets. The participants will practice their leadership, negotiation and delegation skills, as well as the ability to work under pressure. In the end, the planets will be mounted, the lights will be turned off, and the validation of the newly created solar system will follow. But who is qualified to do this? None other than the only Romanian to have ever traveled to the outer
space: Dumitru Prunariu.

Program benefits:


Monitoring and developing communication skills.


Developing the sense of belonging to a team.


Stimulating creativity.


Participants will discover the team work secrets.

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Number of People: 50-150


Romanian / English

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