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Do you want your team to reach beyond its limits and be put in situations it has never encountered before? Then this is the programme you were looking for.

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TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK! One of the iconic buildings in Europe is under a terrorist threat. The secret services around the world are assembled in order to find and defuse the bomb. A lot of tension, many tasks to be accomplished, and time really isn’t on our side.


The Countdown breaks down the barriers between the participants, boosts their morale, improves their motivation, and enhances the team’s cohesion. The participants learn that they are part of the elite investigation teams and receive their first intelligence tests. After only a few minutes, the alarm is activated and their actual mission is a race against the clock. They have to look for clues, to interrogate suspects, to decode puzzles. Each success will reveal a part of the code required to defuse the explosive device. Each failure will shorten the time they have to save the building. And there is one more thing: who is the villain? The answer may be revealed by one of the Rubik cubes, another component of this equation. The Countdown, a perfect mix of adrenaline, sharpness of mind, joint effort and fast decision-making.

Program benefits:


Participants will discover the team work secrets.


Strategic thinking development.


Developing the sense of belonging to a team.

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Number of People: 10-100


Romanian / English

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