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The wheel was mankind’s greatest invention. It made work easier, it helped man cover long distances and organise, thousands of years later, Formula 1 competitions.

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The most surprising and original car race. The Papa-Mobile is in pole position alongside police cars, the Batmobile, or the notorious getaway car of Bonnie and Clyde. The contestants will create their own race cars and will take part in the most cheerful competition of this type.


Each team will be given a theme. Wearing the costumes and accessories specific to the characters they enact, the participants will create the fireball race cars according to their inspiration and strategic plans. After succeeding to overcome all technical challenges and proving that their car is functional, the contestants will enter the great competition. The famous cars seen in movies or comic books will take part in a spectacular race full of surprises. But this is not all. An event of this scale deserves a gala made to measure. For this reason, each team will participate in a car fair, the stars of which will be the cars, as well as the teams themselves. The costumes will fit like a glove in the show created and staged by the participants.

Program benefits:


Participants will discover the team work secrets.


Leadership skills development.


Monitor and develop communication skills.


Creativity development.

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Number of People: 20-150


Romanian / English

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